1. BLC

    Replaced Bank 1 sensor 1 O2 heater but CEL still on.

    Hi all, Backstory: I recently purchased a 2000 with ~200k mileage here in New England. Windshield leaks (getting replaced this week, bad install), CEL on and throwing P0135 (Bank 1 Sensor 1 O2) But other than that, minimal rust on frame and beautiful body (was garaged most it's life) I...
  2. Chachi254

    Upstream o2 Sensor Issues - Intermittent P0135 error still present after replacing sensor

    Hey Mudders, I've searched quite a bit for similar posts to my issue, but I cant seem to find anything that helps explain what I'm experiencing. I'm hoping someone can point me in the right direction or has had a similar issue they were able to fix. The P0135 error is intermittent and can...
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