oz tent

  1. Motleyone

    For Sale OZ Tent RV 5 With Deluxe Panels

    SOLD SOLD SOLD I bought this at the Expedition Expo in Flagstaff. It was used one time. It has been stored in the air-conditioned house. It is the largest of the OZ Tents and comes with deluxe side panels and front panels. These can be added on to the normal OZ Tent to make a second...
  2. ethernectar

    For Sale OZ Tent RV-2 w/ floor saver and front panel, SoCal

    Phenomenal tent, I've camped in all sorts of weather in this thing and its held up to it all. I'm looking to move up to the next size so I can comfortably fit a nice sized cot inside. Includes the RV-2, deluxe front panel, and older (solid) style floor saver/footprint, bag and all...
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