output shaft

  1. Bighorn Bande

    Snapped output shaft?

    Well, I think I figured out why my 88 OJ50LV doesn’t move under its own power anymore, but I am shocked. Does this mean I need to pull the TC and Tranny, or just TC?
  2. Paraglider

    input/output shaft seal size

    Hi, I had a h55f tranny swapped for my 4-speed but the e-brake drum behind the t-case was reinstalled (I was told 60 series didn't have that drum behind the t-case). I have a slight leak of t-case oil between the sleeve that bolts onto the t-case and the backing plate. I assume it's coming...
  3. D

    Wanted  FJ62 transmission output shaft

    We are rebuilding the transmission and transfer case in our 1990 FJ62. The transfer case is in need of a new output shaft for the A440F automatic transmission. Does anyone know where i can source one? I've tried, SOR, Cruiser Corps, Cruiser Parts, Toyota, Transtar and a few other and no one has...
  4. GMSilk_Fj60

    C-Clip/Ring-clip on output shaft issues H42

    Greetings all, I called Georg at cruiser brothers yesterday with the same question: Has anyone ever had an issue with the c-clip on the output shaft being slightly too large to allow the intermediate piece between the gearbox and transfer case to sit properly? It appears the outer ring should...
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