1. 80FZJ

    Locking Hub (Aisin) Won't Seat after Upgrade to FJ60 Birfield

    Has anyone having this problem after swapping out the 40 Birfield for a 60 in order for the upgrade the front brake to disk from drum. The parts are straight from j60. The locking hub seems to bottom out with birfield snap ring. I check all the procedures when installing the 60 birfield during...
  2. brooksfj60

    It's on! No turning back

    We have started on my son Brooks 60. We bought it a few years ago after finding it here on mud. After taking our 40 up on the Rubithon this year, on the Wagon run where we met some awesome people that guided us newbie's throughout the trail and Brooks spotted cruiserdrew massive blue 60 and...
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