1. RFB

    For Sale  Ive got an entire solar setup

    SOLDa new in box renogy 100 watt rigid panel, a renogy 40amp MPPT and a new in box optima yellowtop group 34 you supply the rig i got the rest SOLD pick up or you pay shipping.
  2. LSDbrand

    Blue Sea ML-ACR 500 AMP Dual Battery with remote wiring and modification to isolate when car off

    Hello everyone. I relay on this website a lot so im want to give back a bit. To get started This is what I have and a Modification that i has made everything work way better. The modification is that when the car is OFF, the batteries are ALWAYS disconnected, so you always have one battery...
  3. RFB

    For Sale  Ballistic Fabrication - 34/78 DUAL SHORT Optima Battery Box Tray

    I bought this hoping I could double stack two optima on drivers side, wont work for me brand new raw steel 60 bucks 20 to ship
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