1. aging fleet

    SOLD  Columbus OH, 100 Series Metal-Tech OPOR Sliders

    Purchased new in May 2019 and installed on my LC for approximately 15 months. These were shipped raw and coated with an Epoxy primer and Rust-Oleum spray on truck bed coating. The bed liner held up OK, but it has worn off in spots where they were consistently used as steps. Also, there are...
  2. The Great Him

    OPOR GX470 bumper release

    Metal Tech 4x4 - Search Results for "Lexus" just released yesterday. taking preorders now. its winch ready and under $1k can be had with out the hoops as well
  3. eurodre

    Wanted  Lexus LX470 with AHC Rock Sliders.

    I'm in the market now for some rock sliders. I would prefer Slee or OPOR but I'm open to all quality sliders. I'm located in Socal but I'll gladly pay for shipping from anywhere in the country. Thanks!
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