ome shocks


    For Sale  OME 60070L 80 series front shocks Sacramento, Ca.

    Brand new. Bought from Slee a couple months ago. $180 shipped Thanks!
  2. pirateslair

    OME Shocks for 07 FJ Crawler

    Just ducked under my 07 to get the stamped model number of the OME shocks. No Go! So much rock rash on all four they are unreadable. Does anybody know the model numbers for front and back for the 3" OME lift? Thanks Ken
  3. Shooter307

    For Sale  80 Series TJM XGS Gold LONG TRAVEL Shocks - 650GEL180B

    I have a pair of TJM XGS L Golds for sale, less than 5,000 miles on them. These are the long travel models, 26.5" Extended 15.5" Collapsed so comparable to OME Longs. I bought these to replace a pair of short travel OMEs and they seemed to ride just as well if not better than the OMEs. Part#...

    Thanksgiving Glamour Shots

    Finallyly got the 1997 put back together so I figured I would take some pictures to show her off. Only Issues I had with her were. Issue#1 New 4.56 Nitro gears are making a little noise after religiously fallowing break-in instructions and beyond. Have 655 miles on the gears with ARB...
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