ome bushing

  1. Skniper

    Life and death of an OME bushing

    My kid drives the 62 now so I'm not as aware of its daily creaks and groans, until I moved it out of the driveway a few days ago. Horrendous clunking/rattling with every move of the wheel. Long story short, several of the front OME Spring bushings were set completely GONE! The...
  2. Wookie95

    Wanted  Slee or OME 3 degree camber offset bushing needed(just 1)

    I recently ruined one of my slee 3 degree camber offset bushings for my front lower control arms. need one bushing only or looking for another slee set (high flex design). OME ok too i guess. or any 3 degree offset bushing of similar type. Thanks.
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