1. AndersonDin

    Paint job

    I will be needing a new paint job in the near future. Does anyone know of any affordable and trusted places near OKC?

    For Sale  Oklahoma City: 1997/Lexus/LX450 (for parts.)

    Oklahoma City: 1997/LX450 (selling for parts.) ~127,000 miles. 2.5” (I believe) lift. I put some SpyderTrax wheel spacers and 18” Ballistic wheels with ~35” tires (tires might not be great after sitting for a year.) One of the wheel bolts is stripped on the left rear wheel, I believe...
  3. a_traut_man

    Hello and Looking for 100series Mechanic in OKC

    Morning guys. My name is Adam and I just got sent up to Oklahoma City from Austin TX for work (probably here until about May or June of 2018). I drive an '03 with a little bit done to it and hope to get in a couple trail runs and meet some of yall while I'm up here. Like the title says, I am...
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