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  1. skhochay

    Mobile 1 vs OEM OIL filter

    see video !
  2. Matthew Deweese

    Wanted  Early model oil filter & mount

    Looking for early model oil filter and mount. Really just need then mount but will take both thanks so much
  3. DeckerT4R

    For Sale  Jowett Oil filter kit and 2 TRD oil filters $90+ship

    Selling my Jowett metal oil filter housing cover with fuomoto drain valve and tool for removal & install. I actually have 2 of them. I bought this in the original group buy and jowett didn't like the initial runs threads so he sent me a second one. Im selling both of them, so you'll get the new...
  4. K

    Oil Filter housing installation..

    Hi. I had a mobile mechanic come and help me change my timing belt. Long story short, I had to tell him to leave because he was not very professional.. I was able to get the timing right and am in the process of putting everything back together. For some reason, he took removed the oil filter...
  5. NMC_EXP

    2F Oil Filter Change Without the Mess?

    I've been using Wix filters. These do not puke their contents when you unscrew the filter. I guess that's due to the anti drain back feature? Last change I ended up with another filter brand. Might be the puking variety so I'm wondering about a way to reduce the mess. Question: With the...
  6. Cancruiser

    Use Tacoma/4Runner oil filter in 1HDT

    Can the oil filter from the 4Runner/Tacome/Tundra/gas Land Cruiser (Toyota: 90915-YZZD3) be used in the 1HDT engine? I have a lead on a box of them for a decent price and wonder if they can be used? Cheers,
  7. Aussiemike

    Oil Filter sandwich plate adapter

    Trying all over to buy the above for my cruiser but having big problems. Decided to fabricate one here in Kenya. Can anyone point me to a diagram for the oil flow that I can give to one of the engineers here? Cheers Mike
  8. Romer

    IMPLEMENTED -Random thought on making oil filter changes easier with ARB Skids

    With the valve on the oil pan draining the oil is a piece of cake Changing the filter requires removal of the front skid plate with the ARB System So a thought, get bjowetts cab with the valve and Drill an access hole into the skid plate. Maybe a round hole with a 4" hole saw?? Either the...
  9. 350HJ75

    Can someone ID this 3B oil cooler / oil filter housing?

    I purchased this oil cooler and downward facing oil filter housing combo anticipating a turbo on my 3B from a wrecker off the shelf hence an unknown 3B or B series engine variant. Can anyone tell me what it is from?? and why it seems to be missing the oil lines to the vacuum pump on the back of...
  10. 40Man

    A better oil filter wrench

    Not sure if this has been discussed, but due to the fact that the stock housing lends itself to getting stuck on the filter wrench or rounding off the filter housing I recommend getting one of these instead: Toyota Lexus Scion Special Oil Filter Wrench Tool LARGE SIZE | eBay I have one from...
  11. 88Retired62

    88FJ62 WIX 51773 oil filter

    I gotta admit even I got a belly laugh out of the initial juvenile trolling response from the forum brain trust; albeit from an entirely different alphabetic perspective...touché! I just love it! The question is...I've been using the WIX 51773 oil filter since the demise of the OEM 15600-41010...
  12. 88Retired62

    88FJ62 Wix 51773 oil filter

  13. A

    Anyone try this oil filter yet?

    Picked up a M1-209 that's been recommended here in this site. On my way back home I stopped by Walmart and saw these filters on the shelves. Mobil 1™ Extended Performance Oil Filters | Mobil™ Motor Oils Anyone use the M1-209A filter yet?
  14. M

    Remote oil filter setup: how would you.....

    .....Do your hoses? I don't like the clamp setup. I'd prefer something more secure. Crimped. Is there a better way to secure the oil hoses? How would you boys do it?
  15. In2cruisers

    Wanted  3B downward oil filter mount

    Looking for a 3B downward facing oil filter mount Thx C
  16. In2cruisers

    Oil filter relocation?? 2B

    Ok...started the turbo upgrade to my 1986 BJ75 today... the tear down fairly uneventful... Now that Im looking at things...looks like im going to have to relocate or flip my present oil filter configuration.. (presently with an upward mount) Also the Power steering reservoir may have to find a...
  17. E

    Oil Filter Sizes

    I am getting ready to do my first DIY oil change on my 100 series. I see that people sometimes use a larger oil filter. When I lookup what fits my truck, it says WIX 51348. But I see some people using the larger WIX 51515. Does it make a difference which one is used?
  18. Shacklewhacker

    Larger Oil Filter

    Just thought I would share that I have been running the WIX 51773 on my 87 FJ60 for a few years now. It is of larger capacity than standard 2F filters. It holds just over a quart. Not trying to start a discussion about which filter is best, which I consider a bit of a dead end since most...

    Engine losing prime after sitting?

    Hey guys My wife and I had anoyher baby a few weeks ago, so she hasn't been driving her 1997 LX450. (289k miles) Today I decided to drive it to work so it wouldn't feel neglected. Well.... As soon as I turned the key I started cringing ( KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCKING ) It sounded like it was...
  20. Snowbound

    OEM oil filter for 3B diesel engine

    Apologies for going over old ground but after a couple of hours of searching (at slow connection speed) I haven't really found the answers I was looking for. I have just got my hands on an Aussie BJ42 and want to change the fluids. I gave the oil filter part number 15600-41010 to my local...
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