no check engine light

  1. G

    Broken Down 1992 FJ80 3FE, HELP!

    I've spent some days searching and troubleshooting and need some help with ideas for what could be wrong and how to check. I'm getting a bit desperate for something else to even check. Rig Details Owned for 3 years 1992 FJ80 3fe Engine swap 30K miles ago (previous owner ran w/ out oil) ~150K...
  2. Navyator

    Engine Cranks Strong, but won't start

    Got back from a 2 month patrol during which I left the cruiser sitting in my squadron's parking lot with the battery disconnected. After reconnecting the battery, i started her up and drove away with no problems. After a few days, I began having a recurring problem. When I shut of the engine...
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