1. gibburnz

    NEWBIE 62 Owner!!!

    Hey folks-- My girlfriend and I picked up a RHD 62 this past weekend. Absolutely in love with it. Running into a few minor issues since it came over from Japan, but really digging it so far. Background... I had a 2011 Toyota 4Runner that was completed modded out. We sold it, picked up a RAV4...
  2. hockeycoach18

    Upgrading to a 200 series - First time owner

    First post here, wanted to thank you all for your knowledge and time on such a great family of trucks! My wife has a 2016 4 Runner that I bought new for her and it's been rock solid for 54K miles with no issues at all. My grandmother who raised me purchased a 2001 LS430 new and still drives it...
  3. Hold my beer

    Intro: Forum Newbie from Colorado

    Hello all, I'm following directions like a good newbie. I am excited by the wealth of knowledge you all have backlogged - makes this project feel a bit more achievable already :) Just bought a fairly stock '86 FJ60 (obviously) that doesn't need much at the moment, but I am sure I will uncover...
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