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  1. Lou the fj60

    fj60 Jumpy when driven cold

    hey guys, if i start my fj60 early in the morning and try to take off while its still cold its really jumpy to were i have to baby the clutch until i pick up speed. why could this be? the radiator shop near me said my intake gasket needed replaced but they got 180 out of me saying my radiator...
  2. Lou the fj60

    Cold start problem 87 fj60

    My name is Trey and I am 17 years old. I am a aspiring photographer and outdoorsman. I love camping and Nature in itself. I bought a 1987 land cruiser, that I named Lou. My cruiser sat for nearly ten years across the road from where my grandparents live. having no idea about the vehicle, i still...
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