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  1. W

    Whistling after installing new stereo

    I installed new stereo around a month back (Pioneer NEX4200). Installation was easy and stereo worked proper before putting in dash. However after putting stereo in dash (needed to cram all those connections really tight behind the unit), speaker whistles with RPM/throttle. Does anyone know why...
  2. riffman12

    new stereo - confused about bypassing amp

    Hi guys, I've searched around quite a lot but can't quite find my answer. I bought a new Pioneer head unit and would like to bypass the factory amplifier and have the head unit power the 4 main door speakers in my 97 Land Cruiser. This is the harness that Crutchfield sent me (along with the...
  3. schradec

    JVC KD-X320BTS Head Unit Install

    Finally getting around to installing a new HU in my 97 LC. Went with a JVC unit that is a media player only, with built in bluetooth. It was a great price and had some good reviews so I figured I would give it a shot. Here is a shot of the HU: Now when reading through the less than...
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