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  1. wscully

    Howdy, I'm new! Wanted to say hi. About to purchase a 2000 100 series and wanted some opinions

    I currently live in Oregon and my fiancé and I do a whole lot of dispersed camping in our Prius. It's served us very well, but we're upgrading! We've been out too many times down a forest road and not been able to get where we wanted to go. After considering the Tacoma and 4Runner for quite...
  2. P

    Bought ‘94 LC yesterday!

    Hi. New to this forum! So I bought a 94 LC yesterday with a 183k miles/no rust in decent shape. Few things need to do ASAP. Anyone know of a good vendor for seat covers? Next would be a black rim and tire package. Any help would be great!! Thanks.
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