new engine

  1. Grass

    Burnt Valve ...what to do now?

    Hey Guys. So, my newly acquired (just 2 months ago) 1999 LC with 214k miles was diagnosed with a burnt valve yesterday. Been trying to figure out why it idles rough ever since I bought it, and after going through the standards of cleaning throttle body, MAF, PCV, etc. etc. (all of which I...
  2. Arabian Cruiser

    The Holy Grail - 2F crate engine - un boxing

    Hi guys. Believe it or not. A new 2F engine that has never been used and still in its crate. So stay tuned for the un boxing.
  3. ivandiaz

    Toyota FZ Engine - where to buy

    Any help on where to buy a new FZ engine is greatly appreciated! I am looking to exchange my actual 3F on an FJ80/1991. I'd like to see the FJ perform much better than the posible upgrades I did on the 3F, still feels heavy.
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