1. Nifski

    For Sale  37" Wrangler MTR Tires and Rims Arizona

    These are great trail tires, I got new rims and tires so these are up for grabs. $400 Bucks. Pm me if you are interested. Thanks, R
  2. Nifski

    Goodyear Wrangler MTR 37" Tires and 15"x10" chrome rims

    Up for sale, just got a new pair of shoes for the 45
  3. T

    For Sale  H1 MTR

    H1 hummer tires and rims for fj. I have 5 37" tires with h1 wheels with great tread left.
  4. thegogglesdonothing

    For Sale  5x Goodyear MTRs - LT315/ 75R16 121Q (New Mexico)

    Howdy, Mudders. I bought my truck with 100-mile old Goodyear MTRs on it, and 7k miles later, I've decided they're all wrong for the amount of highway driving I'm doing. They look cool, but they're improperly matched to my rig, and for how/where I drive it. So! I've got 5x MTRs to part with...
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