1. Adog

    Has anyone installed Auto Meter Tach 2697Z on FJ40 with MSD 5 Ignition?

    Thinking of installing Autometer 2697z on 76 fj40 that has MSD 5, model 5200 ignition. No tach lead on Msd 5. Called Msd tech and they recommend using a Msd 8910 tach adapter. Looking at the install diagrams of the tach adapter, not clear at all as to hook up. Anyone using this setup and advise...
  2. E

    High output ignition,,,for better gas mileage?

    I have an 1989 FJ62 that I just love...except that it does not get very good gas mileage. I traditionally put MSD ignitions on my vehicles right after I get them. Usually resulting in better performance and much better gas mileage. But with my cruiser I have shied away from modifying from stock...
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