1. Goforth

    Blue Starlite Drive in theatre

    First time here and I have to say I like it. Cruisers can park with tailgate facing the screen for an unimpeded view. Girl and I setup small chairs in back. Would make a great cruiser meetup where date night doesn't get the shaft!
  2. LALC

    Movies + Video Games = Road Trip Fun!

    Goal: Have access to a library of movies and video games playable on all 3 screens in a 2016 Land Cruiser with no internet required. Remote controls for the video menu as well as the gaming menu will be XBOX 360 controllers. It must require only minimal computer experience and be easily...
  3. CLHickman

    LX Prestigious Society Install

    This afternoon I installed the Prestigious Society navigation bypass... I initially unhooked the negative lead to the battery: I noticed that the connectors were corroded so I just unhooked them both and sprayed them down with RODI water. I then used a wire brush and rinsed. Next up I started...
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