motor oil

  1. Honger

    2F Motor Oil Roundup

    First, a poll. This is for the F/2F folks specifically. Pick all that apply... oil weight AND Dino vs. Synthetic.
  2. C

    What motor oil type and weight do you use?

    Toyota recommends 0w-20. In other countries thicker oil has been recommended for older land cruisers. In the US we had a 5w-30 recommendation for the 1fz-fe when other parts of the world had thicker recommendations. Historically the land cruiser has been easy on oil with prior engines. I'm...
  3. Dave Williams

    Specs for an 2H engine w 5 speed

    very recently I bought a 1973 FJ40 that has been converted to a 2H engine. The engine manufacture plate is dated 84. Can anyone out there give me a link to fluids, capacities, viscosity, filters (oil, air, fuel) so that I can start my ownership with know lubricants. glo plugs? Thanks,
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