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  1. Super77

    More Power Puller Review - Comealong as a Winch Alternative

    Basic recovery gear is a minimum when going off-pavement. We all know that. A shovel, some cable or straps, a hi-lift, etc. My dilemma is that realistically, I can count on one hand the number of times a year I do this. Hopefully more in the future, but not currently worth investing in. Winches...
  2. somewelderguy

    any cheap easy ways to get alittle more power? 3fe

    first off let me start off by saying I'm a noob to this website and 80s ive owned a few pickups and got a 81 pickup trailrigs... this is the first 80 ive ever owned also my first post here ...I recently bought a 92 80 its sitting on a 3.5 inch old man emu lift riding on 35 in bfg
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