1. Brewsterfire

    For Sale  SOLD. New Nitro FJ80 Chrome moly axles and birfs

    Never installed, going to different priorities now. $500 US plus shipping.
  2. hammerheadfistpunch

    So much moly

    Why is there so much moly in my diff? The axle seals were replaced 30,000 miles ago and inspected 10,000 miles ago. The breather is, um, breathing. There is ALOT of moly in my gear oil. This was synthetic 6000 miles ago. Mildly bearded drain plug These are newish gears (10,000...
  3. 93Chewbacca

    Chewbacca's Birfield Grease Guide

    Chewbacca's Birfield Grease List (UPDATE 2018: Hello All, I have updated the list with current grease brands and links, please let me know if I have left any important choices out). Thanks! Okay... so there are some scattered posts on which greases are appropriate for the Birfield joints on...
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