1. ethernectar

    Events/Trails Quick Mojave Road Trip

    We had four trucks run the majority of the Mojave Road over this last weekend of the year. @indycole , @Markuson , @TRD Burglar and I met up at the Avi on Friday morning with our better halves and enjoyed a nice day of wash and desert two-track driving. We camped up in Caruthers Canyon (6500')...
  2. B

    American Racing Teflon Mojave Wheel Fitment/Offset FJZ80

    Hi All, Its been a really long time since i have posted, but i cannot seem to find the information needed on the wheels i am looking to purchase for my restoration. I am looking to run 285/70/17 on American Racing Mojave wheels. I believe the wheels are 17x8, linked below is a youtube video...
  3. dahlmaker

    1989 FJ62 Build in LA

    I've been lurking on the site for awhile and now I've officially joined the club. I picked up this 1989 FJ62 down in Tucson, AZ the day after Christmas and drove it back to LA the next day. It's lived in AZ it's entire life (minus two years in Idaho). Rust free except for a few spots small spots...
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