1. mitch7391

    Standout Build Threads

    As a little bit of a newbie myself, I am always looking for some more creative/innovative ideas for new stuff on the 80... So I would love to know in your opinions, which build threads are your favourites or stand out the most..? Or maybe you have done some pretty cool stuff to your 80 yourself...
  2. NicoB

    For Sale  1991 HZJ80 with mods - preliminary announcement

    Year: 1991 Model: Land Cruiser HZJ80 Engine: 4.2 diesel (in line 6 cylinder) Transmission: Full Time 4WD, manual with electronic center differential lock Mileage: 270,000 km (168,000 mi) Modifications: OME 2.5" heavy suspension lift Complete Re-Gear Package (4.56:1) from IPOR Aussie rear locker...
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