model year

  1. TacoJonn

    Model year vs Production Date For fJ40's

    Just had a quick question when researching VINs. Today it is common practice for automakers to produce cars/trucks in one year and have it sold as the following model year. IE, a 2017 Tacoma could have rolled off the assembly line in October of 2016 but will be sold as a 2017 with 2017 specs...
  2. 2thdoc

    Build Date vs Model Year vs Parts Application

    Over the past two years I've moved the family, changed jobs and my mother passed away (no violins please, I'm just explaining my slow progress on the 40). They say big events come in 3's, so I should be good for awhile. So now I'm full blown back into it. As an aside, anyone that says, "if you...
  3. RobNasty

    What year is my HJ45?

    Recently bought an HJ45 advertised as a 1978. Got the title in the mail and the title reads 1980. I can't find a data plate on the doors, door jambs, or firewall. My VIN ends in 037427 (title and frame stamp match), and every thing on this truck seems to indicate 197X vs 198X. I can't seem...
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