1. Strand4x4

    Mile 4x4 T-Shirts Now Available

    Our Mile 4x4 Shirts are now available. I'm offering a 20% discount through the end of the year for members. So the shirts are $19.99 and Free Shipping instead of $24.99. They are a very soft cotton and they have printed rather than sewn tags. Much more comfortable for driving. More...
  2. Strand4x4

    T-Shirts Opinions Needed

    Hello, I am starting a general 4x4 clothing company for us to show our love of off-roading, wheelin, muddin, overlanding. Land Cruisers will of course be a big part of the designs. However, for now I am starting with our logo which is Mile 4x4 which uses a Mile Marker Sign with Mile 4x4 instead...
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