1. S

    Factory Navigation Upgrades

    If you are my age or have kids my age you know good and well that my generation likes to hook our pretty iPhones up to Bluetooth and play our godly rap music. My senior year of high school ole dad left me no choice but to sell my 2000 Land Cruiser when I hit 300,000 miles, but I didn't let my...
  2. chap79

    Ham/CB Microphone Holders

    I've had my radios mounted like this for quite a few years now but haven't thought of a clever way to secure the mics. I'm curious what those with radios are doing. I've thought about the @bhicks mic holders but I use the stock cubby to hold stuff and I have two mics to secure. Gearkeepers also...
  3. Octave Zangs

    Hide a Bluetooth Microphone cable on a FJ60/62

    Hi guys, I recently upgraded my stereo in my recently acquired 1989 FJ62 with a Pioneer FH-X720BT that comes with a Bluetooth microphone. I hooked it on the driver sun visor but I'm not sure how to hide the cable in the headliner, like you would do on more recent car. Does anyone figured that...
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