1. Shep59

    MetricTLc Inquiry

    Just curious if anyone else is having trouble contacting MetricTLc? Placed an order last week and no tracking info yet. When I go to the website and visit different pages I get the "404" Url failure. Thanks in advance...
  2. Wes

    Metric TLC

    Has anyone received any product or communication from anyone at Metric TLC recently? I ordered several decals from them on January 11th, and have not received any communication from them since. I have tried to contact them through email, their contact form on their website, and through this...

    For Sale  LX450 MetricTLC Front Seat leathers

    For Sale, New MetricTLC front seat leathers for a LX450 $600.
  4. SoCalJB

    For Sale  Metric TLC Gray Leather Seat Covers

    I am selling my brand-new never installed or used front leather seat covers I purchased from Shane at Metric TLC. These fit 1996-1997 Toyota FJ80's and Lexus FZJ80's original stock seats. I was going to put FZJ80 seats in my FJ62, but I am instead going to use different seats and I do not need...
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