1. W

    For Sale  Beat-Sonic SLA-81 and Metra ASWC-1 for sale

    I didn't see a good forum for owner items for sale so I'm putting it here. If there's a better spot, please let me know and I'll move the post. For GX470 owners without the factory navigation. Brand new Beat-Sonic SLA-81 double DIN stereo dash kit with interface adapter and Metra ASWC-1...
  2. Jonbdawg

    Aftermarket Radio and truck fuse issue

    I've tried reading other posts but can't find my exact issue on a 1991 fj80. Installing aftermarket radio with the Metra dual plug. The amp behind the glove box is gone and also removed the amp with the rear sub. I'm still blowing the fuse that controls the windows, etc. I cut the blue loop...
  3. schradec

    JVC KD-X320BTS Head Unit Install

    Finally getting around to installing a new HU in my 97 LC. Went with a JVC unit that is a media player only, with built in bluetooth. It was a great price and had some good reviews so I figured I would give it a shot. Here is a shot of the HU: Now when reading through the less than...
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