mechanical fuel pump

  1. H

    5L swap into LN130 surf

    Hey guys, Fresh to diesels. I purchased my 2L-TE LN130 in October. Since then she has had a free flow exhaust and wound up the boost to 10psi to give her a bit more oomph. Sadly she was on her dying legs when I got her. So I sourced a 5L long block and did a lot of work. New pistons, valves...
  2. B

    FJ40 mechanical fuel pump fitment

    Hey guys, I'm looking to change out my electric fuel pump for a mechanical one, tired of the issues with the electrical. I have a 350 SBC swap and have run into the issue of fitment of the mechanic fuel pump. My buddy has a similar set up and has an inverted fuel pump that fits next to the motor...
  3. georgia fj40

    75 fj40 mechanical fuel pump install ?

    Have looked at quite a few threads, as well as FSM and hayes. Got a new mechanical fuel pump and gasket from racer, when I go to remove the old one and install the new one do I need to drain engine oil? It looks like pump hole is high enough above the oil pan. Also any thing special I need to do...
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