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  1. S

    Key Mystery

    I have a 2004 LC with 3 keys. One is a master key with buttons (confirmed as master via FAQ). The second is a valet key without buttons. Both of these keys do what they are intended to do. I have a third key with buttons. The buttons unlock the doors and the key is cut and kicks the starter...
  2. fooldall1

    Master Key Question

    All: A buddy of mine picked up a nice 99 a few days ago. He didn't realize that all he was given were valet keys. Is there any way around the 600 dollar dealer fee for creating a new master? Everything I know/read indicated that an EXISTING master key must be inserted for the programming...
  3. M

    New to me 2000 LX470 (Pic heavy)

    I have always been wanting to get a hundy and I finally found the right one after selling my e36. Picked it up with 144k and alot of maintenance records. She had the 90k service done at 100k so TB/WP should be good for another 100k :). Its been in Texas its whole life so zero rust! The plan with...
  4. mechanist

    GX 470 Master Key

    2009 GX 470 came with one valet key and no master. Can I have a new master programmed at the dealership or will I need a new ECU?
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