mammoth lakes

  1. snowmatt1

    Events/Trails  Sierra Trip in my hundy (with pics)

    I had a weekend free, so I made a quick getaway trip to the Sierra's to do some fishing. Stayed at a great little place in Big Pine and fished Hot Creek and the Upper Owens. Cruiser handled great in some very mild snow offroading. We left early Saturday with the plan to fish Saturday, stay the...
  2. D

    Anyone in Bishop, California

    JR Tires in Mammoth took care of me. That's the man to go if you need tire service in Mammoth. Dirt Scares me told me of time JR left a party to help him out in the snow. JR came and plugged my tire for me after he closed his shop for the day. I'm up in Mammoth until Tuesday am. I have a hole...
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