1. kevsta

    Mamba Upgraded Turbo for 1HD-T?

    Hi all. has anybody got any experience of these on ebay? MAMBA Upgrade TOYOTA CT26 Turbo CHRA w/ GTX GT3071R 56T Wheel 1HD-FT / 1HD-T | eBay MAMBA Upgrade TOYOTA CT26 Turbocharger w/ GTX3071R Wheel 1HD-T 4.2L Land Cruiser | eBay I know gTurbo is popular round this way, but it's a very...
  2. serenity

    How to: 1HZ CT26 turbo install

    Hi guys, thought I would document my CT26 turbo install on my 1994 HZJ80 for anyone who is interested. Here is the cruiser. I picked up a complete 1hd-t turbo setup for a bargain price. Also got the factory air box and pre turbo intake piping. Genuine parts purchased for the swap: Water...
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