magnetic clutch

  1. B

    A/C Button blinks sometimes, cannot find the cause, compressor works.

    I've went through many threads and did not find an answer for 2006 LX470. My A/C does what many have seen, from time to time starts blinking and no cold air, so I have to click on/off button on the navigation to make work again. Has anyone found out as why 2006 LX470 does not have MG CLT under...
  2. AFL Fidalgo

    ecm/etcs/tps/magnetic clutch/vsc/traction codes/problems

    So finally saved up enough to buy a 2000 land cruiser with 220k.. the previous owner (1 owner) had a huge stack of all the records (timing belt/water pump done 20k ago) so I was thinking good to go decent one owner well maintained rig... not so far.. I had the local shop in town go over it after...
  3. brakasha

    AC Compressor Issues

    Hi all, Just resealed and rebuilt my AC compressor (Denso 10PA series) in my 1996 FZJ80, as well as replaced my expansion valve and every o-ring I could get my hands on. Mechanic who recharged system said it held pressure for an hour (!) and was perfect as far as he could tell. Even with a...
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