1. jneubeck

    LX570 Prinsu rack and lightbar

    I finally sucked it up and weathered the 100+ weather to install my Prinsu rack. Surprisingly it went on very easy. No need to drop the headliner. I also installed a 43” Dual function Amber/white light by Cali Raised. I have the wind faring cut and the light installed but not wired up yet. I...
  2. A

    Should I sell my 2009 VXR for a 2008 LX570

    Hi, So I'm new I just bought my 2009 Land Cruiser VXR October of 2019 I'll post pictures of the VXR and I bought it for 80,000 Riyals ($21,970) and now I saw and inspected a 2008 LX570. I know they are the same but I want to get an LX570 so I can have the same car as my dad (2018 LX570s). My...
  3. OSUAviator

    Dealer Damage

    I am looking for a little guidance/help: I have a '08 LX and recently took it to the Lexus dealer for a recall to be fixed. My experience has been pretty fraught with poor customer service, culminating today when my car is in the shop because an employee of the dealer backed it into a pole...
  4. L

    Goodbye LX470, hello 570?

    My family and I finally decided to sell our 2006 LX470 with over 250k on it. It had gotten to the point where we could not justify dumping several thousand dollars of repairs into it every 3 or 4 months just to keep it running. We got it used with little over 200k a few years back and it has...
  5. S

    Body Panels/Paint on the 200? (LX)

    It appears someones mirror rubbed up against the side of my LX and put a crease in the sheet metal from the front panel all the way to the back with a fair amount of scratches as well. :cry: My body shop has already stated PDR (dent removal) isn't an option. People that have had your trucks...
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