lx470 suspension

  1. H

    Conversion Kit

    Hi everyone. i couldn’t find an answer anywhere so i just made an account and figured i could ask here. the AHC on my 2001 lx470 gave out so i got a suspension conversion kit. i replaced the rear springs and shocks and the front shocks. but now the front is sitting significantly lower than the...
  2. Danger Cruiser

    Wanted  LX470 Rear AHC shock

    Wanted one LX470 Rear AHC shock for 1998 LX470. Everything else in my system is integral. Only have one stinking leaky shock. Im in Michigan. The part number I need I believe is: 48530-69106
  3. Mitya

    Aftermarket bushings of the front control arm

    Chaps, any of you used aftermarket bushings for the front control arms for the tlc100/lx470? OEM buhsings cost pretty much now in Russia, so i'm thinking about aftermarket...anyone got expereience which should i try and which should avoid?
  4. justdifferentials

    For Sale  100 Series / LX470 Take off parts, 2 AHC Suspension systems, bumpers, etc

    We have some take off parts from land cruisers that we would like to clear out of the shop -Working AHC Suspension System, shocks, lines, coils, torsion bars, accumulators, pump, etc etc Fits 98-07 Lexus LX470 and some 06-07 Land Cruiser 100 series 2 available -2006 $700 -1998 $500 Couple...
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