lx470 lift

  1. TX100

    Looking for place in Austin for mods - 100 series 06'LX470

    Hey all. I recently purchased a 2006 LX470 and will be making it trail ready over the next few months. I will be adding front and rear bumpers and lifting 2.5". Also want a flat rack on top. Does anybody have a recommendation for a reputable shop in or around Austin, Texas who can recommend kits...
  2. ClassicCityFJ

    Slee AHC override install

    I am not an electrician and I do not claim to be one but this may help someone. I also do not claim that this is the correct way but it has worked for me. I could not find some answers to questions I had around the install of the AHC override so I decided to try and document my process. Unplug...
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