1. N

    Rattling Noise When going over bumps?

    Hey there, 2000 LX470 with 170k miles on it. Whenever I go over bumps there is a rattling noise that comes from front driver side. Stops if brakes are applied even a little bit. New brakes and have checked braking assembly thoroughly. Any ideas what the noise could be? Has leak below steering...
  2. Mattdamnit

    Wanted  Kentucky WTB/WTT 2003 LX470 parts

    Looking to kit out my 03 LX 470. Looking for wheels/tires/roof rack/bumpers/skid plates/sliders/snorkel. Can do cash but prefer to trade. I've got several firearms for trade. Steel framed P01 Colt MK18 MP Shield Email for fastest response! MattDamnit@gmail.com
  3. C

    SOLD  Dallas - 2006 LX 470 (100% stock, 115K miles)

    Greetings MUD friends, For ease of photos I am posting the ad for my 2006 Lexus LX 470. Yes, this is my vehicle. You'll find all of the information that is always asked for (VIN, recent service items, etc.) in the ad and below. I do have all of the paperwork from my ownership as well as two...
  4. L

    2006 LX470 Issues...should I keep it??

    Greetings, new member here, long time lurker. I have an 06 LX470 with 250k, got it about 2 years ago with little over 200k (one owner, complete service record, no rust visible). I got it because I heard excellent things about Land Cruisers, especially people saying how bulletproof they are...
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