lx470 2002

  1. jillianrd

    2002 lexus lx 470 third row (quarter) window retainer install

    Hi all, I just bought this beauty with 80,000 miles on it! However, I bought it with the third row window retainer (exterior button) broken and it was secured with zip tie. I recently ordered the replacement part but am wary of installing without some instructions. Can anyone point me to some...
  2. S

    2002 LX470 build commences

    newbie here. Just got a great deal on this 2002 LX470 with 194k miles from a local Toyota mechanic. Been browsing these forums for a few months and excited to get started on the build. Curious on any advice but below is what I am thinking in a broad format. Feel free to drop opinions on do's and...
  3. TaurusCowboy

    Wanted  Roof rack for 2002 LX470

    I am on the look out for a roof (luggage) rack for my 2002 LX470. If you have one that you are getting rid of please touch base. Thanks in advance!!!
  4. 2001LC

    Wanted  Molding, Under grill center molding fill LX470 01-02

    This is the fill moulding centered between the grill & bumper, GOLDEN PEARL (white 057).
  5. 2001LC

    Wanted  Under headlight fill modling DS LX470 01-02

    GOLDEN PEARL (white 057) color. Good to excellent condition. This is the moulding (molding) that wraps around underside of DS head light. 1998 - 2002 should work 00-02 will for sure.
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