lx470 2001

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    2001 LX470 Hard start

    Need some help. My LX470 suddenly had a hard time starting. No prior symptoms. Drove fine all day Saturday and symptoms propped up that evening. Cranks and stutters (some metallic sound) before starting.Replaced an old Bosch battery with a yellow top since the Bosch was old and figured I would...
  2. 2001LC

    Wanted  Molding, Under grill center molding fill LX470 01-02

    This is the fill moulding centered between the grill & bumper, GOLDEN PEARL (white 057).
  3. 2001LC

    Wanted  Under headlight fill modling DS LX470 01-02

    GOLDEN PEARL (white 057) color. Good to excellent condition. This is the moulding (molding) that wraps around underside of DS head light. 1998 - 2002 should work 00-02 will for sure.
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