lx470 100 series

  1. Hilife

    LX470 Aftermarket Wheel Options

    A few weeks ago I broke down and bought an 01 LX470. I have 92 HZJ73 which I absolutely love, but isn’t overly practical for my three kids. And the fact that it is JDM, and lifted really precludes the wife from driving it. (Plus with the cost of diesel, I think it is one of the few vehicles more...
  2. P

    Wanted OEM LX470 or 100 series Cruiser running boards

    Want them in good condition for a clean "around town" cruiser. Preferably close to central Florida, but will go as far as North Carolina to pick up.
  3. iSpearfish

    For Sale 2001 LX470

    2001 LX470 340k miles PRICE TBD Link to google drive where you can find more photos and Carfax from previous owner. 2001 Lx470 - Google Drive - https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13HD-PB1rp_Vk9p0VLBTQvQGTWDO4ObIT?usp=sharing I’ll throw the disclaimer out there early that I REALLY would...
  4. S

    LX470 with intermittent starting issues after dealership replaced lights in dash...

    We have a 2000 LX470, which has served us well. A few months back, we had Lexus replace all the lights in the dashboard (an important indicator light had burned out, and we figured "as long as the dash has to be pulled"). Since then, we have had the LX into the dealership four (4) times for a...
  5. doober

    Wanted ISO Onyx Black Complete Rear Hatch for 99-02 LX470/100 Series

    ISO NO RUST Onyx Black Rear hatch for a 2002 LX470. Other colors are acceptable, just prefer black. Can pay for shipping or pickup if located in NM, CO, AZ, or TX.
  6. W

    For Sale Denver, CO CHROME OEM Wheels and Tires 200 LX470

    Looking to part ways with my 3rd set of wheels. I haven’t ran them in a long time. The rims show some age noticeable in the photos. At this point they are just taking up space. Located in the Denver Metro. Please lemme know if you have any questions. $200 P275/70R16
  7. msigm44

    2001 LX Mark Levinson removal and replacement

    Hello to everyone taking the time to read this thread. I am having issues with my head unit volume rotary knob, amp is dying(intermittently powers woofer), and all speakers make this god awful rattling racket. I do believe the factory equipment is beyond saving and is due for replacement. The...
  8. K

    Wanted Los Angeles, CA or Socal: 4x or 5x 285/65/18 AT Tires

    Looking for all-terrain tires in good-like new condition for my 2005 LX470. Looking for this size: 285/65/18 which is a 33" tire. It would be awesome if the tires came with discount tire warranty or at least purchased at discount tire so that I can buy the insurance for the tires myself. If...
  9. A

    For Sale Mesa, AZ 1998 LX 470

    This is probably the cleanest nicest LX470 you’re going to find in the valley. I am the third owner and have owned it since 02-2015. I bought it with 135k miles on it and it is now at 176k. This truck has never been off-roaded or abused at all. It has always been an AZ truck bought in Tucson...
  10. moe khan

    For Sale For Sale

    Here i have my beautiful 2005 Lexus LX470 with only 149k miles! I am the second owner which i purchased from the original owner who was a well off man that took care of it like no other. I had the opportunity to take it off his hands and baby this car the way i baby all of mine. Its in...
  11. msigm44

    100 series 2001 lx470 wipers randomly turn on by themselves

    So my LX will randomly turn on the wipers by itself. This issue appears to be totally random. Im leaning towards something being shorted somewhere. Has anyone experienced a similar issue? I desperately need to get this resolved as its super annoying and embarrassing when my rig decides to act...
  12. G

    100 Series Stock 16 inch Wheel Tire Advice

    Hi Mudders, Recently got an IMFC upgrade on my 100 series. The front is sitting @ 21" and back @ 23" from hub to wheel well. I am still running the 16X8JJ wheels and a Michellin 275/70R16. However, I am looking to put a larger tire on the ride. What are the maximum-sized tires that I can put...
  13. P

    LX470 PPI Issues - Purchase or Keep Looking?

    Hey! Had a pre purchase inspection done on a 2000 LX470 with 150k miles for $14k. Appeared to be maintained well but inspection noted the following: Replace Lower Oil Pan Gasket: $2,600 Replace Rack and Pinion: $1,200 Replace Power Steering Hose: $1,000 Total: $4,800 Been looking for roughly...
  14. D

    Hard Starting Issues- 05 LX470

    Hey all, New to the forum- figured I'd pose the question here! I was doing a brief search, maybe I'm not navigating properly, so if there is a thread and I'm missing it- I do apologize. I have an 05 LX470 with 185k. Recently done timing belt, steering column had work done to it, basically...
  15. P

    Wanted 2006 LX470 OEM Passenger Side Running Board w/Lamps

    I recently purchased a 2006 LX470 in black with only the drivers’ side running board. Looking for a passenger-side OEM running board with lamps from a 2006 in the same or similar color way (black/grey). Located in Durham, NC - willing to pay shipping.
  16. hhmebos

    LX470 Intro and build thread

    New to Ih8mud, bought an 04 LX470 in March and have been slowly building it into an overland exploring vehicle so I thought I would start a build thread for it. Added a couple pics, first is the day I bought it, middle is after new tires (275/70/18 BFG KO2’s)and third is after the Ironman bumper...
  17. P

    Wanted CA: 100/LX470 Sliders, Roof Rack, Bumpers

    Hi Yall, Just picked up a LX470 and now have the mod bug. I'm located in San Diego. Looking to buy Sliders, Roof Rack, and Bumpers (front mainly, but potentially will consider a rear) Thanks! PM me with what you have! Willing to travel to pick up parts / potentially ship.
  18. O

    SOLD Richmond VA: 1999 Lexus LX470/166,273 Miles

    *PENDING SALE* Location: Richmond, VA Year: 1999 Model: LX470 Mileage: 166,273 Accidents: None to my knowledge (Autocheck shows none as well) Title: Clear and in hand. Price: $9000 Additional Pictures (forum wont let me add but 5 pictures): Facebook Marketplace Listing Up for sale is a 1999...
  19. Bulent Cakir

    Brooklyn, NY: 2005 Lexus LX470

    For sale is my loved 2005 Lexus LX470 with 110K miles. Garage kept most of the time. No modifications, altering. Everything is stock except the renewed battery and tires. Never used for towing. It was a family car for a crowded family and it still has the 3rd row seat. I believe it was dealer...
  20. S


    please help I was driving around a corner when all of my lights cut off and the car died, I pulled over and popped the hood to smoke and burning rubber then I saw that the positive battery terminal made contact with the metal bar that holds the battery (the battery was too small) later the car...
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