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  1. C

    For Sale 1997 LX450

  2. J

    For Sale Lx450 cellphone with charger cable and rear module

    Lx450 cellphone With everything 99$ shipped
  3. J

    For Sale Rear heater blower with duct and switch lx450

    Rear heater with duct and switch 100 shipped Works perfect I just delete in my lx450 1997
  4. J

    For Sale Seat belt 3rd row left side driver lx450 wirh hardware

    Seat belt 3rd row left side driver lx450 with hardware 50$ shipped
  5. Schep

    For Sale LX450 Rear Bumper Parts (Tan) - Portland Or.

    Tan LX450 Bumper covers are in good shape with just a few minor scratches and dings. Would like to see them go to a good home $25 or best offer. Thanks, Kyle
  6. Kent Phillips

    For Sale FJ80 LX450 Factory Wheels, Tires, and Caps

    Great shape, came from Portland, Oregon off a 97 LX450 with 125,000 miles. No offroading, no pealing/salt corrosion. No major curb rash on any of them. 265/75/r16 Bridgestone duellers are barely serviceable, but are clean and hold air. I upgraded the wheels to 17's off of a FJ Cruiser and...
  7. AaKnight

    95 LC vs. LX450 Sway Bar Differences.

    I got a deal on a clean rear end from an lx450 with 128k on them. BUT the sway bars appear to be different, so wondering if anyone could fill me in on exactly what the difference in sway bars were. Any of you guys know if: Is there maybe a way to fit the LC sway bar to the lx450 axle? or...
  8. Dustin Messina

    Wanted Looking for lx450 Driver Side Headlight

    I am looking for an LX450 drivers side headlight glass. Mine took a nasty rock hit. Located in Mississippi 39042. Thanks Dustin
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