1. Y

    SOLD  80 series - seat leather - 'Bisque' color - brand new ** for electric seats** +10sf extra leather - Nebraska

    I ordered the seat kit before I had possession of the vehicle, and the PO told me they were electric seats. The kit is for electric seats and mine has manual seats. This also includes an extra 10 square feet of matching leather that I was going to use potentially for the center console. This...
  2. Joshau

    LSeat's diamond stitch leather seats

    Definitely time to install new leather seats and researching I found all the usual suppliers. I'm thinking about going out on a small limb and installing LSeat's diamond stitch leather pattern on the front & middle rows, with diamond stitch leather replacing the leather on the door inserts as...
  3. JS114

    My front seat leather experience

    Wanted to share my experience (no affiliation with them). 1/19 - requested swatches 1/20 - request confirmed by Lseat 2/2 - asked for status and was told they'd shipped 2/17 - swatches received and order for front seats and 3 sq ft of hide in BISQUE placed ($341.50 shipped) 2/25 - order shipped...
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