1. N

    4L80E LQ4/LQ9 V8 Swap Questions

    I'm starting to do lot of research into putting a 2003-07 LQ4/LQ9 with a 4L80E into my '96 FZJ80. @lazy's thread about his conversion has been a massive help, and I plan on following his footsteps except for a few things to keep my budget down. I plan to run the OEM gauges and radiator, and...
  2. eplazajennings

    1993 LS Swap (6.0L LQ4 and built 4L60e)

    Starting my build thread on my LS swapped 80's series. This truck was purchased new by my father back in 1993 and was passed down to me when I began driving. Since then, I've absolutely fallen in love with the truck and made an extensive number of modifications including: ARB bull bar/winch...
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