low rpm

  1. Fantom

    1984 BJ42 H55 - vibration in higher gears

    kookipi valley by Maciej (Mat) Radoszewski, on Flickr I've got a beautiful 1984 BJ42 that I've been rebuilding slowly. I'll get into doing a proper thread on the rebuild components a bit later when I have some time. Current issue: I have not rebuilt the drivetrain yet, the previous owner had...
  2. Bodda

    Nothing Works! RPM will not increase above 2000 in D

    A month ago, I took my Cruiser to a mechanic my local off-road club had recommended. He said that the fault was with my neutral safety switch. He pointed out that none of the dash gear indicator lights were working except R and L. He also pointed out that the R and L gears work properly. In 2...
  3. Bodda

    RPM will not go above 2300

    Last weekend, I went to the sand dunes with the local off-roading club here. Unfortunately, I couldn't even make it up the first dune. The leader of the group drove my tuck to see what was wrong with it, and he said it should have much more power, and that my RPMs don't go above ~2300 even when...
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