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  1. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  So Cal 1991 FJ80 - 3FE engine that runs sweet

    No noises, no knocks, no leaks. Engine Last Driven January 2, 2021 Compression: #1 160 #2 150 #3 160 #4 150 #5 155 #6 160 This is just the engine without accessories or intake manifold, but does include oil pan, valve cover, front cover, pulleys, exhaust manifolds, flywheel, lifter cover and...
  2. Deathvalleypaul

    SOLD  Strong Running 3FE engine from a 1992 in SoCal

    Strong oil pressure, no knocks or noises, runs very good, and runs cool. I welcome you to test this engine out, still in the car before we pull the engine. I will sell it as complete as you want it, $750 to $950 with starter, alternator, and everything including MAF and smog parts. Video of...
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