1. spencer184

    Lockright locker "slack" issues

    so i've had a lot of drivline slack for a while, finally narrowed it down to the locker in the rear end. When turning the pinion there is a lot of movement around the drive pin before axle shafts start moving. like i can rock the pinion something like a 1/4 turn back and fourth and watch the...
  2. Steve D

    For Sale 80 series Lock Right lunchbox rear locker

    I decided to go with front & rear e-lockers so I am selling the PowerTrax Lock Right locking diff from my 1994 80 series. According to this application guide (http://www.powertrax.com/pdf/PowertraxCatalog.pdf) the same spec is shown for all 9.5" 30 spline rear diffs from 1968-1998. I believe...
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