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  1. bujbot

    For Sale  ARB RD08 locking diff & 12V compressor

    Hello, I’m selling the ARB locking diff and compressor that came with my FJ40. I’ve never installed it on the Truck and I don’t think it has even been installed on mine before. I honestly don’t know much about these parts or lockers at all, but I’m not going to install it and it seems a shame...
  2. J

    Nightmare...Transfer case issues while starting from light...but drives w/ center diff locked?

    So I was sitting at a light in my 2004 LC 100 feeling GREAT! I was finally working on my own truck! I had changed the rear breaks and swapped the rear diff fluid this past weekend. The diff fluid change was a surprise after I saw the fill bolt was loose and seeping fluid. The light changes, I...
  3. wardharris

    Harrop Eaton ELockerTM / Yotalockers.com: Info / Installation

    NOW THAT THESE BEAUTIES ARE LANDING IN NORTH AMERICA........ It has been suggested that we set up a thread (or series of threads) on the Harrops as installed and in use by any/all Harrop owners. We could try and post up in each of the series forums, but there are installation issues that...
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