locking axles

  1. DesertCruiser80

    Wanted  FZJ80 or LX450 Locking Axles

    Hello, I am in search of a pair of 80 series locking axles. This is for replacement of open axles of an FJ80, so trade + cash could be possible. Location is NM. Thanks!
  2. 6840

    For Sale  95 FZJ80 Locking axles and rolling chassis $1000

    ***SOLD**** Rolling chassis with pretty hammered body and no engine/trans. Axles are complete, and you get the ECU, wiring, switch etc. There are probably a few other good parts in the mix. I'm keeping the wheels and tires, but will put some donors on there to get it on your trailer. Comes...
  3. Willside

    1995 Land Cruiser FJ80

    For sale: 1995 Land Cruiser. Fj80 Engine: 87,000 original miles Transmission: replaced under warranty from Toyota dealer, >2,000 miles DUEL LOCKING AXLES!! This rig runs and drives! Had plans of swapping axels to a 4Runner build and selling off motor and transmission but went a different...
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