locked up

  1. NeverGiveUpYota

    Ebrake off, Rear Tire Locked Up

    So when we tired to roll my truck for the roofers the rear passenger tire wouldn't roll. It just dragged. I wire brushed and lubed the bellcrank and pulled up and down on the handle. I've not jacked it up yet and pulled the tire off. When I swapped the 35's for 31's yesterday the drums are...
  2. TreeTrucker

    My Stihl 011AVT clutch is locked up

    Got it covered
  3. jamarquardt22

    Brakes locked up and soft pedal.

    So Im trying to track down some brake problems. Here is the background. Since my axle swap I have been dealing with brakes that pull. The old setup was IFS with V6 calipers, master cylinder and dual diaphragm booster. Drums in the rear on a early taco axle. This setup worked perfectly for me...
  4. AncientCityFJ60

    Wheel locked. Help!

    So my 87 Fj60 had an encounter with some salty flood waters a little while back...and due to a combination of weather, work, and just a lack of time hasn't been driven for about a month. Long story short I went to take her for a drive today and the drivers side rear wheel will not move at all...
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